Apartment Anomaly . . .

Intown’s Apartments are a whole different breed from what we’ve come to accept as the typical rental unit. Todays renters are Professionals who demand a High Level of Sophistication and are willing to pay to get it. They expect Modern, Spacious, and Upscale space, with Amenities that rival many of our newly built Condos. 

As with any Urban Environment, land values preclude the sprawling spread out complexes you might find in a suburban area. Instead, High Rise Apartments have become the ‘norm’; with Parking Garages replacing Parking Lots, and Balconies replacing Patios. They are located in the middle of High Density Neighborhoods where Work or Leisure Time Activities may be within walking distance of home.

It’s not uncommon to find buildings with Deck Pools, Panoramic Views, State of the Art Fitness Centers, Theaters, Concierge Services, even Valet Parking. Interiors feature Hardwood Floors, High Ceilings, Granite Countertops, and Kitchens that are a Chef’s Delight.

Intown offers a wide variety of Apartments For Rent, in virtually every neighborhood of Dallas; and across a wide spectrum of style, size, and price. If you are looking for that ‘Carefree’ lifestyle desired by ‘Busy Professionals’ and on-the-go ‘Empty Nesters’ without the commitment of buying; then Apartment living might be an excellent choice.

Important Message

Because of the volatility of Apartment Rental’s in our Market Areas, it’s virtually impossible
to assemble any accurate database reflecting current availabilities and prices; as they change almost hourly.
Our Licensed Locators are continually monitoring all the Top Apartment Communities, and can provide this information to you upon request.


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