How We Work

The Difference in Agents and Companies . . .

In addition to our belief that any Real Estate Brokerage or Agent should possess the following values at a minimum:

Have Superior Skills
Instill Trust & Confidence
Market Knowledge
Work The Hardest
Always Put YOUR Interests Ahead of All Others

It’s also important that those Agents or Companies have certain Fundamental Skills and Expertise in the Market Segment they are dealing in. Where you probably wouldn’t consult a Podiatrist for a Heart Condition, does a Plano or Frisco Agent really understand the nuances of High Rises or Condos?  Isn’t it important to know these things before you start? 

The Intown Advantage . . .

Each Intown Agent not only is experienced in Urban Lifestyles and Housing, but has a Specialization in one or more of our Market Segments. Some are Focused on Rentals, others with Buyers. Listing and Selling require a different set of Skills. Condos have different rules than Houses. Our Goal is to make sure that whatever needs and wants you have, you are working with ‘A Neighborhood Expert’.

Our Commitment . . .

Every single person at Intown is acutely aware of the responsibilities entrusted in any Agent or Company and will do everything within our power to insure that your Real Estate Experience meets or exceeds your expectations. This isn’t just part of the job . . . it’s Job One!

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