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Like most all Real Estate Companies, Intown works  with Home Buyers and Sellers; but because of the demographic in the Urban Neighborhoods, we are also very active in the Dallas Rental Market.

Along with the many tasks we do behind the scenes, the following are things that are critical to any successful Sale or Rental:

Locate Suitable Properties
Set Up Showings
Determine Market Values
Prepare Offers
Assist in Negotiations
Offer Mortgage Advice
Guide You Through Due Diligence
Coordinate Closing and Moving

As important as each of these steps are to the end result, we think our most critical role is to:

Help You Make Smart Real Estate Decisions!

It’s Your Choice . . .

We know there are ton’s of options when it comes to selecting an Agent or Company to help you with your next Purchase, Rental or Sale, and totally recommend interviewing several and asking just what they will do. If helping make Smart Decisions isn’t a part of their answer; then YOU owe it to yourself to Chose Intown for your upcoming move.

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